To those interested in starting a combat rosary making group the following parish bulletin notices were used by St. Mary’s parish in Annapolis, Maryland.

Use them for your own groups to invite the parishioners to join your own rosary making group.  Most of our volunteers come after reading about it in our own bulletin.


October 25, 2017:  The ranger rosary ministry is spreading across the country. Twenty-five percent of our military are catholic. Thirty to forty volunteers come once a week to our church for three hours to make rosaries. They also bring rosaries that they made at home. Now many new groups have formed around the country. Some are independent. Other groups we support with information and supplies like prayer cards. We coordinate sending all the rosaries to the chaplains and the VA. Can you help? We are working on our second million. We always need more rosary makers to fill the chaplains’ requests.

October 4, 2017:  We will begin to send 1000 small boxes of rosaries and prayer cards to the Veterans Centers around the country.  These are small centers that offer help to the veterans if needed.  We have one here in Annapolis.  They offer many out reach services to those recovering from injuries they may have suffered from their military experiences.  With a rosary in their pocket they can turn to their mother, Mary, who in turn leads them to Jesus.  Please keep them in yours.